🤖 ChatGPT’s hype is seeing a dip

PLUS: OpenAI fights back AI risks

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  • 🔻 ChatGPT’s hype is seeing a dip

  • 🤖 OpenAI fights back AI risks

  • 🏆 5 useful AI Tools

  • 🗞️ 2 AI stories from Meta & Microsoft’s lawsuit

  • 💡 Prompt of the day: How to write Midjourney prompts with ChatGPT

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🗞️ Fresh Off The Press

According to a report from SimilarWeb, ChatGPT has seen a dip in traffic. Last month, worldwide visitors dropped 9.7% and new users fell 5.7%. The time users spent on the site also dropped 8.5%.

Despite the decrease, ChatGPT remains more popular than Bing and other AI chatbots.

In addition, CIBC reported SensorTower data shows ChatGPT and Bing app installs dropped 38% in June.

However, on the bright side. OpenAI’s developer site saw a 3.1% increase in traffic from May to June.

Why it matters? ChatGPT’s free version costs around $700,000 per day. OpenAI must consider if this is a sustainable model, especially when the newest version of the chatbot is available for free on Bing.

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OpenAI, creators of ChatGPT, is starting a new team called Superalignment. They're joining top experts to stop super-smart AI from being smarter than human and posing potential risks. With a target to tackle this issue in the next four years, they're devoting 20% of their resources to this mission.

This team will build an 'AI safety inspector' to check super-smart AI systems. With AI like ChatGPT already changing our lives, it's important to control it. OpenAI is taking the lead to keep AI safe and helpful for everyone.

Why it matters? This could make sure our future with super-smart AI is safe and under control.

🏆 AI Champions

Here are 5 AI tools that caught our eye today
  • Webbotify: Create custom AI chatbots trained on your data

  • Humata: Upload documents and then ask it questions

  • Definite: Analyze your data and receive immediate insights from an AI data analyst.

  • Lunacy: Create UI/UX designs with AI capabilities and built-in graphics.

  • Sttabot: Create apps with no code from your prompts

📖 Catch Up: AI Stories and Reads

🤖 10 Million users join Meta’s Twitter competitor, Threads

Meta's Threads app gained 10 million users in its first seven hours, positioning itself as a friendly rival to Twitter. With features similar to Twitter, Threads aims to become a public conversations platform with over 1 billion users.

Are you on Threads? Let's connect there. Find me @mustafarrag_

⚖️ OpenAI faces lawsuits for data collection and copyright infringement

OpenAI is being sued for collecting personal data without consent through its AI programs and training its ChatGPT AI model on copyrighted books without permission. Microsoft, a major investor in OpenAI, is also involved in the legal action.

💡 Prompt of the day:

Write Midjourney Prompts with ChatGPT

Use ChatGPT to create Midjourney prompts by inputting this basic formula:

Write MidJourney prompts following this formula:

A photograph of [subject] [doing something] in [setting] during [time of day, taken with [type of camera lens].
--ar 16:9

Do you understand the forumla

Follow-up prompt:

Write 4 MidJourney prompts, using the given formula with the subject being:
[Elon Musk as an MMA fighter]

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